Real Estate Remodeling vs Selling Consultant

A remodeling contractor is a specialized contractor that property owners hire when they want to remodel, renovate, or restore their home. What they don’t know is how much your property will or not increase in Market Value.

Do you want to find out the return on investment, steps involved in city approvals, changing structure through architecture and process, before you go out for bids? Contact me for a complimentary 1-hour assessment.

  • How long do you plan to live in your current home?
  • Will you get to enjoy the results of your remodeling project?
  • Will the remodel meet an immediate but temporary need? Or be an investment in your lifestyle?
  • What kind of income do you anticipate in the years ahead?
  • If you are close to retirement, is now the time to invest in home improvements?
  • How much chaos can you live with during the renovation process?
  • Does your house—the floor plan, the garden, the bathrooms, everything—work for you?
  • Will your home need a lot of updates? Will there be simple ways to update things like energy usage?

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